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One of the most successful applications refers to the wonders in improving the marriage. He can revive the relationship between the spouses, to bring new friends in boring and lonely life and energized chances of marriage to those who are single and looking for a partner. Feng shui, a legal system that focuses on the flow of energy in the spatial arrangement and orientation, there for centuries precisely with the concept. While many of us are not able to incorporate all the laws of feng shui in our homes, the integration of a few concepts will help us to improve the capacity of positive energy in our home, and will affect the relaxation of mind and soul.

Southwest is a very important sector when furnishing articles related to this topic. If you live in an apartment, there are some excellent methods to increase energy in the southwest to attract good luck in love. Portrait of a happy family members onto the living room wall, which is located in the southwestern sector, or on the wall with which the members of the family to look towards that part of the room. If anywhere hang pictures with happy faces of your family this will be enough to create positive vibrations for all household members who will be smiling and happy. Carefully consider what of works of art is on your walls. When you surround yourself with photos, paintings, sculptures solo person, gradually you will adjust yourself accordingly. Replacing such images with happy couples will make you more receptive to love.

Provide crystals and light in the southwestern part of the living room. Crystal will create the necessary energy to activate the Southwest. The crystals, which are used in feng shui purposes should be well lit at least three hours during the day. It is advisable to buy a lamp that has a crystal lampshade or some of the crystalline portion.

Take the TV out of the bedroom. Nothing kills romance like a late-night viewing of the TV. If you have trouble falling asleep, try reading love poetry or novels. In this way, your subconscious will create a virtual love magnet.

Reduce the size of the bed. Sleeping on a large mattress will not encourage intimacy. Invest in a comfortable queen-sized bed, if you want to find the love of your life. If you are not able to be sure to insert the pads that will lessen the potential free space on the bed. Make sure your bed is not against the wall. Sit a bed against the wall, that way you will prevent any chance of entering love in life. Bed deploy so that there is enough room passing around him on all sides. Before you are able to tour around in bed to walk in love.

Warm colors like pink or red will significantly revive your love life. Gentler shades like pink, pastel shades of purple, will attract a gentle partner, while darker colors like orange and red, to attract partners who will reveal your passionate and adventurous side.


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